How Eric Hartsburg Is Different From Other Home Buyers in Phoenix

How Eric Hartsburg Is Different From Other Home Buyers in Phoenix

When you decide to sell your home, there is a great deal to consider. While most sellers automatically think of listing with a real estate agent, their next thought is listing on their own to save the high commissions, but selling a home is a challenging, time-consuming, and costly endeavor. Another option is to work with a professional investor who will buy your home directly, and for many sellers, the convenience of this sales method is desirable. But how do you know which direct buyer will treat you fairly, listen to your needs and provide you with the highest profits on the sale of your home? Read on his we explore how Eric Hartsburg is different from other home buyers in Phoenix. 


When you contact a direct buyer from Eric Hartsburg about making a direct sale of your home, we will detail how much you would profit from a traditional listing with a real estate agent vs. our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. At Eric Hartsburg, we do this so that you can make an educated decision once you’ve reviewed the details because our buyers want you to sell via the method that works best in your situation, which is a significant difference from other homebuyers in Phoenix. It’s not often that you find a professional willing to go the extra mile like the direct buyer at Eric Hartsburg, who make sure that you’re aware of your options. We will help guide you to the best choice when you work with us, even if that means working with a real estate agent to list instead of selling directly to Eric Hartsburg.


When you list your home for sale, you should be prepared to pack up your family and quickly hide any sign that a pet lives in the house. Keeping your house spotless and ready for last-minute showings is very stressful for your family. Eric Hartsburg is different from other home buyers in Phoenix because we make the process as easy as possible; you can relax when you sell to one of our direct buyers because you don’t need to worry about showings. At Eric Hartsburg, we keep everything transparent, using simple contracts and explaining every step in detail. What you won’t find at Eric Hartsburg are high-pressure sales tactics; our passion is helping our neighbors here in Phoenix and improving our community. Instead, the direct buyers at Eric Hartsburg are proud of their work and want you to feel good about the deal and your decisions long after leaving the closing table, even if you determine listing is a better option.


You’ll save money when you sell your home directly to Eric Hartsburg. You don’t have to worry about opening your wallet for painting, prepping, or staging your house for professional marketing images and showings. Another way Eric Hartsburg is different from other home buyers in Phoenix is that you will never pay closing costs, commissions, or hidden fees. The amount offered is what you’ll receive at the closing. When you sell directly to Eric Hartsburg, there’s no reason to spend a penny out-of-pocket before the sale!


Not all homes are the right fit for listing on the Phoenix MLS. Typically, properties that aren’t in new or like-new condition are passed by as buyers scroll through online listings. Unfortunately, first impressions count a great deal on real estate website listings. If the images clearly show your house is in distress, any offers you receive are likely to be insultingly low. Eric Hartsburg is different from other home buyers in Phoenix because we will buy your property in as-is condition for a fair market value. Therefore, you can forget about the inspection and leave all the risks of handling the repairs to Eric Hartsburg. 


Holding costs weighing you down? The time spent prepping, repairing, listing, and showings adds up fast, but when you throw a lengthy drawn-out approval process for your buyers, it can become extremely costly to hold onto your property, only to have the loan fall through. Now, you face listing again, and buyers tend to avoid listings lingering on the market, which never bodes well for your final sales price. Eric Hartsburg is different from other home buyers in Phoenix because our direct buyers have the power of cash backing our offer. As a result, we can close quickly, typically within weeks. In addition, with our full-service team, we handle everything efficiently, saving you valuable time.

Eric Hartsburg stands out from the crowd in all the right ways. So, why not talk to a direct buyer from Eric Hartsburg today and find out how different we are from other homebuyers in Phoenix. At Eric Hartsburg, clear and open communication is critical, so we stop everything to listen to you, answer your questions, and address any concerns about the process of selling directly without any obligation. Call Eric Hartsburg at (602) 428-6717 .

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